International visit : Students and Teachers Explore Zadar 2P & 3P Wind Farm in Erasmus+ Initiative

13.04.2024.,  As part of the Erasmus+ project titled “Jobs for a Sustainable Planet,” involving students and teachers from France, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, and Croatia, as well as professors from XVI. Gymnasium in Zagreb, Damir Bešić, Nina Karković, Petar Bagarić, Alka Vrsalović, and Mirela Hrubi, a visit to the Zadar 2P 3P wind farm, located about 300 […]

Renewable Energy & Education: ENCRO Experts visiting elementary schools- Island Brač

05.03.2024.,  As part of their visit to Croatian schools, seventh-grade students from Supetarska School on the island of Brač have gained another experience in renewable energy sources. Around forty students attended a biology and chemistry class led by Professor Anamarija Kurte, where they listened to a presentation by ENCRO experts, environmental science master Ana Ptiček, and […]

Puppet musical and santa claus surprised children in benkovac

20.12.2023.,  Over a hundred children from the “Bubamara” kindergarten in Benkovac eagerly awaited the start of a puppet musical performed by the Poco Loco Theater from Zagreb.Actors Zrinka Kušević, Maja Katić, Fabijan Komljenović, performed the puppet musical titled ” Goga Millipede” an educational story with lots of music (played and performed live) on a richly illustrated […]

High school students visited wind farm location ZD2 ZD3

18.10.2023., Wind farm ZD2  The Knez Branimir High School in Benkovac gladly responded to the invitation from the ENCRO group to familiarize students with the world of renewable energy sources through a lecture and the first joint visit to the nearby wind farm ZD2 ZD3. Around thirty students from the 3rd and 4th grades of the mechanical computer technician […]

The institute for high voltage and energy in a professional visit to a wind park

14.09.2023.,  In mid-September, we had the opportunity to host the leading institution in the field of electrical energy, the Institute for High Voltage and Energy, at the location of the Zadar 2P Zadar 3P wind farm, 300 kilometres from Zagreb. Getting acquainted with renewable energy sources, the operation of the wind farm, turbine capacity, and everything […]

Solution against drought using photovoltaic system

27.07.2023.,  Photovoltaic system at the Bruška location serves to power a water pump located in a cave adjacent to the water source on-site. This system has addressed the issue of the water source drying up during the summer months, which posed a significant problem for the local residents of the surrounding villages near Bruška. Therefore, we […]

New Educational Trail with informative panels opened for visitors at Zadar 2P 3P

07.06.2023., Benkovac  The Tourist Board of Ravni Kotari is now enriched with another attraction from the Benkovac region, an educational trail that will provide visitors with essential information about the Zadar 2P 3P wind park, the wind rose, and the local wildlife. The educational trail is accompanied by a total of 4 interpretive panels, aimed at providing […]

World Earth Day- raising awareness of the need of change

26.04.2023., Zagreb  This day aims to raise awareness of the need for a change and the utilization of all renewable sources – solar, wind, water, biomass, and geothermal sources. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the global energy transition. The conflict in Ukraine has further confirmed the importance of renewable sources, motivating countries to […]

The Christmas theatre play “Three Kings” performed in Benkovac

17.12.2022.,  Collaboration with the local community is of utmost importance to us, so during this pre-holiday season, we undertook a series of activities, starting with those for the youngest citizens, to bring the joy of Christmas to the little ones and their families. We invited the Theatre from Zagreb to the town of Benkovac with their […]

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