Renewable Energy & Education: ENCRO Experts visiting elementary schools- Island Brač

As part of their visit to Croatian schools, seventh-grade students from Supetarska School on the island of Brač have gained another experience in renewable energy sources.

Around forty students attended a biology and chemistry class led by Professor Anamarija Kurte, where they listened to a presentation by ENCRO experts, environmental science master Ana Ptiček, and electrical engineering master Ilijana Duvnjak. Through the presentation, the students learned about the importance of renewable energy sources, they were introduced to wind and solar energy, and saw photo documentation of the solar power plant being constructed near Gornji Humac. Brač Island is one of the few islands in Croatia with a solar power plant.

A special guest in the class was Branimir Kušćević, a Nature Guardian from the public institution “More i krš ” on Brač Island, who acquainted the students with the island’s natural landmarks and protected and dangerous animal and plant species, with a focus on vipers and black widows that inhabit the area. Posters on protected species were given to the classes so that all students could learn about the plant and animal life and the dangers in nature.

Encro experts showing solar power plant at Island Brač

It is of high importance to introduce younger generations to the world of renewables, familiarize them with solar and wind energy, and the flora and fauna in locations close to their homes. Croatia is part of the green transition towards independence and autonomy for the European continent, and school visits on renewable energy sources are one way to explain to children the importance of energy independence and what it means for them, their place of residence, and the local community.

Environment expert giving lecture about unique flora & fauna Island
Special guest Mr. Branimir Kuscevic from Island nature & park preservation Institute

ENCRO will continue to visit primary and secondary schools on the topic of renewable energy sources, collaborating with professional educators, professors, engineers, and experts in environmental protection and education to educate the younger generations about the importance of Croatia’s green transition, aware of the global significance of energy.

Construction phase SP Gornji Humac, Island Brač

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