New Educational Trail with informative panels opened for visitors at Zadar 2P 3P

The Tourist Board of Ravni Kotari is now enriched with another attraction from the Benkovac region, an educational trail that will provide visitors with essential information about the Zadar 2P 3P wind park, the wind rose, and the local wildlife.

The educational trail is accompanied by a total of 4 interpretive panels, aimed at providing educational content and informing visitors about what they can see in their field of view. Visitors will thus receive more information about the wind park itself, the wind rose, and become acquainted with the bird and bat fauna.

When designing the panels, materials and colors were chosen to harmonize with the natural surroundings of the park and align with the existing visual identity of the Tourist Board of Ravni Kotari and the bicycle path that follows the educational trail.

The location of the educational trail is predominantly hilly terrain dominated by a natural landscape of rocky pastures, maquis, and forests rich in diverse flora and fauna characteristic of such a landscape.

Ornithologists conducted a survey of bird fauna in this area, and some common bird species include the serin, stonechat, and mistle thrush.

In addition to birds, this area is also home to the coastal bat, which is crucial for environmental conservation and insect population control. The bats from nearby shelters do not use the specific area of the educational trail for hunting or as a migration pathway.

Collaboration with the local community and project stakeholders before and after construction is of great importance to the investor. The educational trail is an example of good cooperation, and we believe that it will continue on future renewable energy projects.

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