International visit : Students and Teachers Explore Zadar 2P & 3P Wind Farm in Erasmus+ Initiative

As part of the Erasmus+ project titled “Jobs for a Sustainable Planet,” involving students and teachers from France, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, and Croatia, as well as professors from XVI. Gymnasium in Zagreb, Damir Bešić, Nina Karković, Petar Bagarić, Alka Vrsalović, and Mirela Hrubi, a visit to the Zadar 2P 3P wind farm, located about 300 kilometers from Zagreb in Zadar County, was organized.

At the top of Kunovac hill at an altitude of 674 meters, offering a magnificent view of the size of the wind park, Velebit, Ravni Kotari, and the sea, 50 students and 16 teachers were guided by ENCRO representatives to learn about one of the largest wind farms in Croatia, with a capacity of 111 MW.

ENCRO Engineer Bojan Ivanišević shared information with the students about the size and production capacity, technical data, interesting facts about turbine operation, and wind power. Ana Ptiček, an expert in nature and environmental protection, familiarized them with the world of flora and fauna, the importance of environmental protection, and the procedures for elaborating and preparing studies necessary for such a large project. Rujana Lukač, an expert in public relations in the energy sector, explained the importance of cooperation with the local community on renewable energy projects.

Professor Petar Bagarić, the Erasmus project coordinator, shared the impressions of the international group after the visit: “We are thrilled with the welcome from ENCRO and what we’ve seen. We learned a lot about wind farms, turbines, the energy market system, the electricity market, environmental protection, and future jobs. That’s why we came. We found that the future has already begun and that renewable energy sources are crucial for Europe’s energy independence. The visit was a great success. We enjoyed the view from the mountain to the islands and the delights of the local cuisine. We are thrilled and would love to come back.

Students also asked questions about turbine operation, blade size, different birds and animals in the area, and inquired about careers in the renewable energy industry. At the end of the visit, this international group tasted products from the local Cusa family farm in Benkovac, which exclusively uses products from its own cultivation along with homemade bread baked under a bell. ENCRO collaborates with the local community at all locations, including with family farms, showcasing the authentic products of the region.

The 25 turbines, each 105 meters tall, at this location with a total capacity of 111 MW, are evidence of Croatia’s enormous potential in renewable energy sources, not only in wind farms but also in solar power plants. It was a great honor to host students from Finland, a partner country in this project. The Zadar 2P 3P wind farm is 50% owned by the Finnish fund Taaleri Energia and is a successful example of international cooperation that has led to such a significant investment for Croatia. The Taaleri Group develops renewable energy projects with a portfolio of 2.8 GW of solar and wind energy in Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. Additionally, for this construction project, the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) approved a loan of 43 million euros, making this project the first in a series of investments in wind farms in Croatia.

Photo: Construcion phase Zadar 2P 3P

The size and power of the Zadar 2P 3P wind farm are evidence of the importance of investing in renewable energy projects on Croatia’s path to energy independence in Europe’s green transition.We believe that through such visits, we can bring the world of renewables closer to the younger generations and remind them that we have only one planet Earth and that we have borrowed this world not from our parents but from our children.

Photo: Erasmus + group photo, Zadar 2P

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