High school students visited wind farm location ZD2 ZD3

The Knez Branimir High School in Benkovac gladly responded to the invitation from the ENCRO group to familiarize students with the world of renewable energy sources through a lecture and the first joint visit to the nearby wind farm ZD2 ZD3.

Around thirty students from the 3rd and 4th grades of the mechanical computer technician program, under the guidance of teacher Josip Marasović, after an introductory lecture by ENCRO experts, environmental science master Ana Ptiček, and electrical engineering master Ilijana Duvnjak, headed to the location of the Zadar 2 Zadar 3 wind park, located 20 kilometres from Benkovac.

On-site, guided by experts and engineers, high school students visited the Bruška substation and learned about technical data on existing wind turbines, their operation and energy production, as well about the plant and animal life at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.

As a memento of this visit, students were given protective helmets and informational materials about the wind park, and they were invited to join the next organized visit by the ENCRO group, next time to a nearby solar power plant.

Raising awareness about the importance of renewable energy sources is of utmost importance to us, and we will certainly continue to educate Croatian students through lectures and visits to ENCRO group’s wind and solar farms. Although Croatia may be a small country, it is exceptionally rich in natural resources, including renewable energy sources. By investing in renewable energy sources, we are investing in the future, and our children are witnesses to Croatia’s green transition towards energy independence for Europe.

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