The institute for high voltage and energy in a professional visit to a wind park

In mid-September, we had the opportunity to host the leading institution in the field of electrical energy, the Institute for High Voltage and Energy, at the location of the Zadar 2P Zadar 3P wind farm, 300 kilometres from Zagreb.
Getting acquainted with renewable energy sources, the operation of the wind farm, turbine capacity, and everything in and around them is best achieved through a visit to the actual site with the expert guidance of engineers. It was our great honour to guide the employees and dear colleagues from the Institute through the wind park, led by the chief engineer of the wind park, Branimir Ivković, who has been involved in this construction project from first beggining. In this phase of additional turbine installation at the existing location, the Institute had the opportunity to observe all stages of turbine installation, traverse routes, and visit locations where the turbines are placed.
The Institute focuses on studying and improving areas related to the production, transmission, distribution, and use of electrical energy, renewable energy sources, advanced electrical energy networks, management issues, and trading of electrical energy, as well as other forms of energy.
The Institute is a leading institution in the field of electrical energy in the broader region, with a long-standing collaboration with the industry. It is also recognized for its scientific well as numerous international and domestic scientific projects.

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